Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hit or Stand Chart - Blackjack Strategy

When I first started blogging about blackjack strategy I posted a basic strategy chart. Well, the graphic was less than readable so I have scoured the net to find a better one. Voila, the new and improved hit or stand blackjack chart.

Use this blackjack chart as a reference guide. It is a basic hit or stand chart that you can use to lower the house edge and improve your odds at the game. Remember you won't always win but with a little help from your friend, you will help to maximize your bankroll when playing.

With this basic chart, there are 4 main actions, Hit, Stand, Double or Split. To use the chart find your hand from the far left column and then locate the Dealers Up Card from the top. You can then locate what you should do. Using this hit or stand chart won't guarantee a win, but it will help you to reduce the house edge.